Hair Mesotherapy And PRP

Hair loss is a frequently seen embarrassing problem faced by people of all age groups and ethnicity.

Hair loss or hair thinning is something many of us suffer from, we can notice a change in our hair volume or health from growing older or from having it run in the family.Factors that cause hair loss are genetic, environmental, pathological and psychological.  Fortunately, advanced technology and science have gone so far in hopes to help people treat their balding scalp or thinning hair for both men and women.

What is the “PRP”?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the application of platelets obtained from an individual’s own blood by mixing natural proteins onto the skin.  As this procedure is used for skin rejuvenation, it can also be used onto the scalp to prevent hair loss and to provide brighter and healthier hair development.  It is observed that hair loss can cease and that hair can gain volume by the PRP method within several weeks.

The blood collected from the individual is centrifuged by a specific device and segregated. It is applied by injection into the scalp after the segregation process.  The scalp is not to be washed for 24 hours after the PRP procedure. As this procedure is applied by using one’s own blood, there is no allergic reaction risk.

What is the “Hair Mesothreapy”?

Another treatment for hair loss is known as mesotherapy. This is the application of medications including vitamins, anti-oxidants and blood circulation-stimulating drugs into hair roots with a thin injector.  Through mesotherapy, deficient substances in the hair root are administrated directly.  Hair mesotherapy is applied to the areas needed and helps stop hair loss, strengthen the hair and activate new hair roots.

Hair mesotherapy is recommended after hair transplantation to provide adhesion of transplanted hair and to protect the health of existing hair.  It is very useful for stress-induced hair loss, pregnancy-induced hair loss and metabolic hair loss.  It is applied to support the treatment of hair loss due to hormonal and genetic causes.

Treatment sessions last approximately 20 to 25 minutes and are scheduled once per week.  8 to 10 sessions are typically sufficient. However, this may depend on the severity of hair loss.  The first 4 sessions are applied once per week. The next 4 sessions are applied every 15 days.  Sessions may continue once a month or quarterly depending on the need.  This procedure may be applied for persons of every age.