Fue Method

How To Make Hair Transplantation With FUE Method

Hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, is an operation to get the hair parts (follicular unit;FU) one by one.

It is a process that made cuts of hair parts from hairy skin (follicular unit; FU) via instruments with a diameter of 1mm or less. The only difference of this method, that known as Fue engine, is operator has not to take off the follicular unit as manuel. Actually, basic logic is same but additionally to this, with new method operator and patient gain more time. The Punch Biopsy pen’s device is connected to a motor and motor’s speed can be controllable. The thickness of the tips is changed and the tip of the desired lumen is attached according to the donor area. Also, the tissue depth can be standardized as desired under favour of the motor and this removes the need to continuously check the depth of the tissue. Also, under favour of the the Fue engine, grafts can be taken more frequently and, when compared to the same amount of field scanning, more grafts can be removed from the area with the engine. Another supremacy of the engine is that the probability of splitting the multiple rooted grafts, that have 2-3 and even 4 follicles. So, follicular unit has a higher success rate of protecting the collectivity of the unit.

Therefore, under favour of the Fue Engine, hair transplantation is being a more comfortable operation. Despite the differences of the way of taking the follicles, the opening of the canals and transplantation stages is same as other methods. Despite the fact that, FUE method is healthier and more comfortable, it is important to know that, it is an operation that requires experience, mindfulness and detailed working.

To be planted of hairs in the direction of natural outflow, to transfer the hair follicles with a fast way without waiting in the external environment and to narrate the whole process before and after the transplantation are the one of the most important factors for this operation’s to be healthy and successful.

Hair transplantation; needs detailed, fragile and medical application. Therefore you need to choose a good center for this operation.

Things To Do After The Hair Transplantation:

Discharge Of Patient

Except the patients who come from abroad and stay at the hotel, whole patients are discharged after the operation. It’s not needed to stay at hospital. A special wrap is applied to area which tissue is taken.

Things To Do At Home

It’s important to rest at home and not to go out in operation day and next day. Patient should not be busy with another thing if it’s not very vital and necessary. However, patient only if not to bow the head to forward, can make easy and not to tiring and needful jobs like desk jobs and computer using.

First Washing

It’s good to apply the first washing in the clinic and hospital after the expert controls. Earliest 24 hours, latest after 72 hours, washing is needed. First of all, some softening lotion should be applied on the hair planting area and this lotion should be stay for 20-45 minutes. After this process to soften dried bloods, hair is washed with tepid water and purified from the lotion. And then a special medical shampoo is foamed in the palm of the hand or on other parts of the hair and both the planting area and the intake area are washed. Washing need to be with fingertips and palms and never use fingernails. After the wash is finished, hair should be dried only with a paper towel by taking the damp without chafing it in any way. Each passing day, the daily dose needs to be increased a little more and after the average 7 to 10 days, there should not be left any shells, redidue or dried blood. This process should be repeated every day and need to return to normal washing habit. From the fifteenth day, if the patient desire, may continue to washing the hairs everyday or less frequently. Patient may take a shower more than once in a day, however it is not recommended to shampoo the hairs more than once.

Grow Out Process Of Hairs

Within the first 3 weeks after the October, hair shedding occures in the manner of follicles stay inside. Actually, to say splitting to this event will be more true. After the October, the follicles that have been waiting for 90 days, start to grow out after this time. Due to certain parts of the hairs that grow our everyday, this process keep on as natural and understated way. Nearly after 8 to 10 months, whole hairs will be grow out. (On the ideal conditions, loss possibility is 3%. )