Percutaneous Technique


What is “Fue”? First of all, this subject should be brighten. FUE operation is to get the living hair follices from the donor area one by one.

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), so taking out the follicule unit(hair follicles) operation one by one. After the follicles collected one by one, so after the FUE application, second stage is planting of this follicles.

There are 2 different method in the world on the planting the follicles that transferred from donor areas. First one and the most common used method is Classic Slit Method. Follicles is planted into canals where is opened at planting area with thin and smooth cut. The canals which follicles will be planted is opened with thin knifes in advance. The second one is the Percutan Method which is applied by limited clinics in the world. It’s a very special method that can be applied by very few clinics in the Turkey and world. Follicles are planted to round holes which are opened with thin needles, not into the smooth cuts. For each follicle, first by giving the angle, is opened a hole, follicle is placed. Then a hole is opened for another follicle and follicle is placed into the round holes allowably its natural mould.

What Is The Difference From Other Methods And Why This Method Should Prefer?

Percutan planting method’s advantages are explained firstly as “pre-condition of naturality”.
On the hair transplantation operations, to specify the follicle density which are applied to planting area at the square centimetre, is very important to show the operation’s success and quality.

Meaning naturality on the hair transplantation is hair planting to hairless area and hairs that planted have true angles. With the international terminology, “density” (so the follicle density in the square centimeter) is the most important determiner. On the hair transplantation operations which the density in the square centimeter worked as 40 to 45 follicles, there is a very intense hairy appearance. There is no possibility to change of hair angles due to giving true angles to follicles with thin needles. Also every follicle that will be planted is putted from hairy part and placed into the hole, there is not any risk to damage to the follicles. After the operation, because of working with thin needles, planting are gets better within 2-3 days. And the most important one is, there is no scar remain. If patient wants to turn back to normal living faster after the operation and aims to have a hairy appearance at normal density, spinule planting method should be preferred.

How Long Does The Healing Process Take?

The healing process of hair transplantations which is worked with spinule method is very fast. At the end of the 2 to 3 days, the planting area heals. The only thing that needed to be careful after the operation is protect the new made follicles from dangers like rubbing and hitting to somewhere.

Is There Any Side Effects?

There is no side effect of hair transplantation with the percutan method and also it removes negative effects on the other methods (like oedema, scar, loss rate on the follicles etc..) and side effects.

Who Prefers?

When an operation is knew enough and accepted generally, people look for the other stage on the this operation is “quality in the detail and perfection”. Hair transplantation is also followed this process during this time. Fue hair transplantation is an operation that applied for a long time and its awareness is accepted as general. Now the turn is quality and perfection searching. This searching, carries the real success matter on the hair transplantation to the “Percutan planting method”. Naturality and hair density is very important for the patient group that prefer the Percutan method. Especially the hair is frame our front face. The most request for Percutan method, comes from out patients who want natural hair line and front face of hair.